Hefners, Rivers, Hilton Dress As Miley Cyrus For Halloween

(Undated) -- Halloween has brought Miley Cyrus' infamous VMA performance back into the headlines. Several celebrities took inspiration from the 20-year-old for their costumes this year. Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Harris showed up at their annual Playboy mansion costume party as the singer and Robin Thicke. The couple took to Twitter with photos from the party, showing 82-year-old Hefner dressed in a black-and-white striped suit and aviator sunglasses. Paris Hilton was a guest at the Playboy mansion that night. She was spotted wearing Miley's silver teddy bear onesie, posing for photographers with her tongue out.
Even Joan Rivers joined in on the fun. The comedienne posted a photo on Instagram with her own spin on the outfit. She dressed up in a fat suit before putting on a large nude bra and panties to duplicate Miley's look. She even had a foam finger and fake, reptile-like tongue in her mouth.